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Retirement Life Hub is a resources platform or resources home enabling anyone to acquire knowledge, skills and tools to prepare for a life after the routine job or ceasing to work.  

Our goal is to build a one-stop learning hub with retirement and life-skills resources facilitating long-lasting change in your retirement journey.

Over the years, we have gathered facts and experiences that:

  1. You can join a retirement home due to restructuring, closure of business, contract expiry, medical grounds, mandatory age or any other cause at any time and age.
  2. You need 60-80% of your pre-retirement income to sustain you in retirement and that the majority of retirees do not meet this criterion.
  3. Pension and social security are inadequate to meet your basic retirement needs.
  4. Physical health challenges are the 2nd top most concern, people think about as they approach retirement.
  5. When people are no longer in employment, many tend to be cut off from their peers and their status is negatively affected.

Our learning resources are helping people with knowledge, skills and tools to:

a) Prepare basic financial resources to keep them a float in retirement,

b) Keep physically and mentally active, engaged and fit,

c) Develop and maintain very close relationships and networks,

d) Further explore more better ways to promote a transformational retirement life.

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