Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Retirement.

In the time of retirement is when one gets chance to enjoy the benefits of one’s work. However, to have a transformational retirement life style requires thorough planning. Therefore answering the retirement questions that almost everyone approaching retirement asks should help guide one to planning effectively.

It is the action or fact of leaving one’s routine job and/ or ceasing to work.
Anyone can retire due to: restructuring, closure of business, expiry of contract, medical grounds, mandatory age, or any other causes. Many people are not adequately prepared for retirement, yet it can come at any time and age.

The common facts about retirement are:

  1. Pension and social security are inadequate to meet your basic retirement needs. You need 60-80% of your pre-retirement income to sustain you in retirement and the majority of retirees do not meet this criterion.
  2. As you get older and out of employment, the number of people around you drops. People who were around you get busier with their own lives, your peers at the workplace go to their respective communities; and your age group starts to become the minority. Learning and planning to embrace this retirement reality becomes of paramount importance.
  3. As you age, despite your past career, you start to transform into a regular old gentleman or lady with minimal society prominence. Planning how to remain relevant and suit this is new, requiring certain skills.
  4. The majority of working people have no retirement plan. Early understanding and harmonisation of financial, health and social goals will enable you to develop a plan and take appropriate action for a more balanced retirement life.
  5. In the Covid-19 era, the issue of retirement has become even more apparent than ever before: affecting people who were working in companies that have downsized or even closed, resulting into exiting employment early.
  1. People need some money: basic enough to keep them afloat in retirement.
  2. People need to keep physically and mentally active, engaged and fit to enjoy life.
  3. People need to have very close relationships in retirement.

If you have already addressed the above, then you are on the right path to a better
retirement life: you may now need to re-energize your efforts.

If you have not, then, Retirement Life Hub is dedicated to making a change in your
retirement life journey.

Retirement Life Hub (RLH) is an organisation established to offer resources for retirement and life-skills to promote an enhanced retirement life.

The organisation provides subscribers with: knowledge, skills, support networks, coaches, mentors and real-life demonstrations.

RLH resources are aimed at empowering subscribers using the self-reinforcing PDCA steps (Plan, Do, Check and Act) on your retirement life.

Plan: This involves setting clear retirement goals, knowing why these goals are important and compelling to you. Apply ECG technique (Excuses, Comfort and Goal) to test the strength of your goals. Excuses should not drain your energy required to achieve your goal. Comfort should not derail you from focusing on your goal. Goal is your inspiration to your destination, make it empowering enough for you to remain committed to it.

Do: This requires you to decide on the course of action. RLH will guide you to select from different options to achieve your retirement results.

Check: This calls for periodic review of your progress towards achieving your goal. You can make supported adjustments to re-focus better.

Act: This means going into full implementation of your plan, improving, refining and modifying what is not working well. Make the retirement improvement process a continuous cycle.

The various tools (resources, peers, coaches and mentors) will support you in your retirement empowerment journey. It is never too late to start the retirement journey. Taking small but consistent steps will make a fundamental difference towards achieving your retirement goals.

Many people are not adequately and timely prepared for retirement. At RLH we believe that as you work for many years, you deserve a happy and enjoyable retirement. Our focus is to continuously provide quality resources for retirement and life-skills enhancement to as many people as possible to live a planned and gratifying retirement life. Our strength is in developing and/or sourcing quality retirement and life-skills
resources to make them accessible and affordable. For instance, individually you can buy one book on retirement from Amazon at $20 or $50 but with a single subscription to RLH, you will have access to a pool of all premium retirement and life-skills resources.

Our premium package includes:

  • Resources for Retirement and Life-Skills enhancement (books, articles, case stories, tools, checklists, audios and videos) including new releases on an ongoing basis.
  • Staff readiness-to-retire assessments
  • Retirement planning workshops and seminars
  • A pool of Coaches, Mentors and Counsellors at a subsidized fee for subscribers.
  • Direct access to the RLH membership forum (for peer and professional engagements).

As a contribution, non-subscribers can also access free resources.

  • Go to google and search “Retirement Life Hub”
  • Or go to chrome and type the url: 
  • When website loads, click on the “Join Retirement Life Hub” button
  • Enter the required details
  • Pay for subscription using the options provided
  • You will automatically become registered and will access all the premium resources on the site.
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