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Jump In For The Assessment

Would you like to check your readiness to retire?

The readiness to retire self-assessment will help you to reflect on your retirement preparedness journey, discover your status now, so as to get you inspired to set and focus on your retirement goals.

Did you know that you can retire at any time and age due to: restructuring, closure of business, expiry of contract, medical grounds, ceasing a political office, mandatory age or any other causes; and that many people are not adequately prepared to retire?

Have you ever thought about any of these questions?

If you retire today:

  1. Can you financially support yourself?
  2. Can you remain active, engaged and productive?
  3. Are you wondering what activities will occupy you?
  4. Would you like to create a retirement plan that is ideal for you?
  5. Would you like to examine whether you can maintain your social relationships and networks?
  6. Would you want to have a planned and enjoyable life?

Then, follow a simple 3-step process below.

Step 1 – Complete the readiness to retire self-assessment

Step 2 – Access your assessment score

Step 3– Get the interpretation of your assessment score: review, discuss, consult and take appropriate actions.

Background to Readiness to Retire Self-Assessment


Instructions to complete the readiness to retire self-assessment

Precisely and truthfully rate yourself on the following readiness-to-retire indicators to get what most accurately describes your retirement-standing at the moment.  Use the guide below:

  1. Complete all the twenty assessment areas.
  2. Choose from the assessment options what appropriately describes your current situation.

Start now, it takes just a few minutes.

1. How often do you measure the performance of your retirement scheme(s)?

2. Project the kind of retirement life you aspire to live.

3. Rate your level of retirement planning skills.

4. Determine the degree to which you learn about retirement?

5. To what extent do you associate with others through engaging in community and social activities?

6. Examine your level of connection with people outside your working environment.

7. Assess the likelihood of your children (if you have them) contributing to your retirement security.

8. Rate how you project your expenses to be like in retirement

9. Assess the extent to which your routine exercises and physical activities are relevant to your healthy retirement life.

10. Rate your level of satisfaction with the current financial survival options available to you

11. Rate your awareness about retirement goals.

12. Examine how the activities you engage in during your leave and holidays are relevant to your preparedness for retirement.

13. To what extent are the activities you are involved in now, enhancing your being active, engaged and productive in retirement?

14. Examine the extent to which you bond with members of your nuclear family?

15. Determine the degree to which your retirement objectives are covered in your personal plans.

16. To what extent is the implementation of your retirement goals monitored?

17. How often do you share information on retirement with peers, experts or retirees?

18. How important is an advisor, coach or mentor in determining your readiness to retire?

19. Assess the effectiveness of your retirement savings and investments’ performance.

20. To what extent are you prepared on how, when and where to retire?

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